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Agritourism on Thassos


Thassos Horse Club is located in Skala Prinos in Thassos island. Skala Prinos is small city which is also as one of the ports on the island. To find us is very easy, because from the road you can see the tables which say to you where we are or you can call us the number 0030/ 6999391777.

We have more as fifteen-years experience and also studies which  guarantees your safe participation in their activities.

We have trainer certificates and experience in sport as  show-jumping, three-days eventing { military}, dressage and carriage driving and also riding for handicapped children and adults.

We also work as a blacksmith, organize the wedding carriage, do business with horses, train the horses and transport in all of the Europe.

And now what you can find by us.

Our horses know the work with people. 1-7 persons can riding to fantastic mountainous and seaside places. You can ride a horse on you own or escorted by a professional rider { guide } even if you have knowledge on horse riding or not. The routes depend on your knowledge on horse riding. The horse club also arranges the transfer of just married couple by horse carriage or you can organize some trip in neighborhood of our place with this carriage. A collection piece of the 2.9.1909 in a perfect condition with white horse and with driver with experiences and insurance and driving licence.

Everything is olso possible for the handiccaped people


When you visit us you can go riding on the horse, at the evening we organize riding with swimming with the horses or to go for a riding trip to the mountains for 1/2 or 1 day or more...or also you can let some of the apartments  or only stay for sitting and drink some drink....


You are everytime welcome - we are all the seasons open - and if you can't to find  us take a call....

Let you have fun and enjoy your holiday { vacation } by us!